A typical colourful house in Trinity.

A partial view of the central part of the village from halfway up Gun Hill.

Lupines in June / July along the trail going to Gun Hill, which overlooks Trinity.

A view of COMMANDER'S KEEP from part way up Gun Hill.

More views from Gun Hill.

COMMANDER'S KEEP perched atop its cliff overlooking the Harbour, the Lighthouse on Fort Point and the ocean beyond.

Rebel flag of the Republic of Newfoundland (pre 1949).

Fish Flakes drying Cod by the wind, not the sun!

Fog enshrouding St Paul's Church as seen from the windows of COMMANDER'S KEEP.

Gun Hill

"Hog's Nose" area of Trinity with Fisher's cove in the foreground.

Lupines sweeping Gun Hill, near the cemetery.

Moose exploring the gardens of Trinity in the later Fall.

Dramatic sunrise behind St Paul's Church.

St paul's as viewed from the walking path on the Nuddick, during the Historical Walking Tour.

Unforgettable sunset over Gun Hill as seen from COMMANDER`S KEEP front door steps.

The Parish Hall.

Trinity in a soft fog, as seen from Skerwink Hiking Trail.

Trinity from the top of Gun Hill with COMMANDER`S KEEP at the front left of photo.

View of Trinity from the Harbour with COMMANDER`S KEEP at the front right.

Shoreline view of wharfs and stages in Trinity.

Trinity shoreline as viewed from Hog`s Nose area.

COMMANDER`S KEEP and Trinity as viewed from Fort Point.

           from Life's frantic pace!!

Come to the the tranquil community of TRINITY, Trinity Bay.

Photos speak a thousand words...see for yourself the natural way that this 400 year old village has settled in with Nature and evolved into this wonderful location to rejuvenate one's soul.

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We are delighted we were able to anticipate your needs & comforts while at Commander's Keep. It means so much to know our guests felt pampered! You are welcome!

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We are thrilled that you enjoyed your stay at Commander's Keep so much! It is absolutely a wonderful location for Family to come together & connect! Come again

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A remarkable property in a remarkable little town. Certainly the most comfortable and well appointed property we have expierenced

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We were fortunate to be able to spend time at the wonderful family vacation home! Better than expected, and our expectations were high!