The harbour coast up to Hog's Nose.

The "LEAH CAROLINA" built from scratch by HENRY VOKEY of Trinity.


St Paul's Church from the southwest windows.

Cod drying on the fish flakes belonging to our neighbours.

Aanother Newfoundlander house as seen at a distance from our kitchen window.

Lupines on the land.

The Parish Hall.

Neighbour's fish flakes during the Fishery Season.

View from the dining area windows.

Sunset from our Kitchen window.

The tip of the steeple of St Paul's from on the land.

Kayakers as viewed from our deck.

Wild Iris grwoing on the land.

Our private pebble beaches at low tide...great for looking at starfish and combing for special shells.

The water in the Harbour, as seen from the Seaside Suite.

A sunny day , viewing the Lighthouse and Fort Point from our deck.

Magenta sunrise from our doesn`t get much better than this!!

Broadening our scope of the EXTERIOR  of COMMANDER'S KEEP, allow us to show you views as seen from the deck, the windows, and on various locations of the property...

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10.09 | 19:50

We are delighted we were able to anticipate your needs & comforts while at Commander's Keep. It means so much to know our guests felt pampered! You are welcome!

10.09 | 19:45

We are thrilled that you enjoyed your stay at Commander's Keep so much! It is absolutely a wonderful location for Family to come together & connect! Come again

23.08 | 17:22

A remarkable property in a remarkable little town. Certainly the most comfortable and well appointed property we have expierenced

24.06 | 15:04

We were fortunate to be able to spend time at the wonderful family vacation home! Better than expected, and our expectations were high!