Eagles soar off the coastal cliffs...
Puffins parade on the ocean waves and in the air...
Gray Jays jabber and screech as they beg for picnic treats atop Gun Hill, overlooking Trinity.

You will also see hundreds, if not thousands of Puffins at the colony in Elliston almost at the northern tip of Bonavista Peninsula.

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We are delighted we were able to anticipate your needs & comforts while at Commander's Keep. It means so much to know our guests felt pampered! You are welcome!

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We are thrilled that you enjoyed your stay at Commander's Keep so much! It is absolutely a wonderful location for Family to come together & connect! Come again

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A remarkable property in a remarkable little town. Certainly the most comfortable and well appointed property we have expierenced

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We were fortunate to be able to spend time at the wonderful family vacation home! Better than expected, and our expectations were high!